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Tools menu

A variety of Tools are available to the player in Our World of Pixels. They are used for navigating and interacting with the canvas.

List of Tools

Icon Name Rank Description
Cursor tool.png
Cursor tool User Used for drawing
Move tool.png
Move tool None Used to move the canvas by clicking and dragging
Pipette tool.png
Pipette tool None Used to select an existing color used on the canvas
Eraser tool.png
Eraser tool Moderator Used to erase whole chunks at a time. Replaces a 16x16 pixel region with a solid color.
Zoom tool.png
Zoom tool None Used to adjust the zoom level. Left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out
Export tool.png
Export tool None Used to take screenshots of content on the canvas
Fill tool.png
Fill tool User Used to fill enclosed areas with a selected color
Paste tool.png
Paste tool Moderator Used to paste images in the game.
Copy.png Copy tool Moderator Used to copy a section of pixels and paste it elsewhere.

Line tool.png
Line tool User Used to draw lines
Protect tool.png
Protect tool Moderator Used to protect or unprotect a chunk so that only staff members can edit the region.
Area Protect tool.png
Area Protect tool Moderator Used to protect or unprotect a large rectangle region of chunks.

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