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OPM stands for OWOP Package Manager, by dimden and DayDun.

OPM icon

It can be found at https://opm.dimden.dev/

What is it?[]

OPM (OWOP) Terminal

OPM is a script that changes the behavior of Our World of Pixels, It allows for easy install of scripts that can add tools like the circle tool, pixel paste, player list, and much more.

How it works?[]

To start using OPM, you have to log in with Discord, there is a OPM bot on dimden.plex (dimden's discord server) that helps moderate and logs everything. After you've done it, you are able to install usermade scripts uploaded and verified by either Daydun or dimden. There is also paid scripts, that you are able to buy by sending either Dollars(US) or Roubles(RU) to dimden, either by QIWI or Payeer. Then paste the transaction ID below, and it will add coins. 1 Coin = $0.01 (One cent). You can upload your scripts as well but you have to read OPM Docs first.

OPM's GUI (old)


First OPM was created by dimden slightly after he made DOP, there were different versions of them: Terminal and GUI by anonygold

After DayDun's statement about dimden and his scripts at that time, he stopped updating DOP and abadoned it. After that, dimden got the idea of creating OPM 2.0, with DayDun himself (He stepped down as an admin of OWOP earlier).

OPM's GUI (New)

And so, OPM 2.0 was born.