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OWOP Radio is no longer in OWOP normally. It can still be accessed at https://daydun.com/radio/. But it is still possible to obtain it by installing Opm and installing the radio package, and it will function in all worlds.


The current radio interface as seen in Main

OWOP Radio (also referred to as the radio or just radio) is a window that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen when you join Main. It was created and is maintained by DayDun.

Songs are streamed from a playlist on DayDun's server automatically using Icecast.

The radio interface features a play/pause toggle button, a circular spectrogram, a volume slider and a horizontally scrolling song title.

The code for the radio is embedded in the MOTD of Main, making it a non-standard feature. The code creates a new window with an iframe leading to http://daydun.com/radio/

The genre of the music varies a lot but features a large collection of chiptunes.


The old radio interface viewed in Google Chrome

Originally the radio was just a simple audio html element, but was quickly replaced with the blue interface.

The blue interface started off without a volume slider and would remain like that for a bit of time until people started requesting a volume slider. The slider started off as a plain html slider and didn't fit well with the blue and white theme of the interface. It wasn't until later that the slider would be styled to better fit the blue theme.

Originally the songs were streamed from DayDun's personal computer using Winamp. Shortly after the radio was created DayDun switched operating system to Linux which forced DayDun to switch to IceS instead of Winamp which also introduced a bug where some song titles would display as "undefined - undefined".

Streaming from his personal computer turned out to be impractical though and the radio suffered a lot of downtime until it was finally moved to DayDun's server. During the move, DayDun switched again to a new source client, this time to LiquidSoap. This switch would replace "undefined - undefined" with "Unknown - undefined".

undefined - undefined[]

The radio showing the "undefined - undefined" bug.

A bug was introduced during the switch of source client program which made some song titles display as "undefined - undefined". This inclined people to joke about it, commenting on how nice the song "undefined - undefined" is and to say the catchphrase "this is so sad alexa play undefined - undefined". A remix of this is so sad alexa play despacito.

Mtn Dew x OWOP Radio[]

On August 13th 2018 DayDun made a joke comeback, saying "Mtn Ew x OWOP Radio" in response to Exund's joke: "Infraraven x DayDun gay OWOP porn". This sparked the joke that Mtn Dew was dating or in a heterosexual relation with the OWOP Radio. This also caused people to start jokingly refer to OWOP Radio as a she, implying the radio is a girl.