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North Road
The north road along with some surrounding debris.
Type Road
World Main
Coordinates (x: 0; y > 0)

The North Road is a road going upwards from the center of spawn. The road is currently protected so that only staff can modify it to prevent griefing. The road passes many locations including the Owop Community City, PRO and PLOP.

Old road[]

At (x: 0; y: -65536) where PLOP is located, the larger 4 chunk wide road ends and continues upwards with an older 1 chunk wide version of the road. The old narrow road spans a much greater distance and doesn't end until (x: 0; y: -1002032) around Laniakea.


  • The road is made of a repeating pattern of 64 by 16 pixels. There also exists a horizontal version of the road.