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NoNameLmao is a russian player of Our World Of Pixels that started playing on it around 2017-2018.

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NoNameLmao's events [Event-Date]
Event Date
Starts playing OWOP Around 2017-2018
Joins official OWOP discord 5th of March, 2018
Creates Youtube channel 17th of July, 2018
Joins dimden.plex 20th of October, 2018
Purchases DOP 22nd of October, 2018
Gets Moderator rank on dimden.plex December, 2018 (Unconfirmed)
Purchases Crimson 9th of December, 2018
Gets "Cool people" rank on OWOP discord 20th of March, 2019
Purchases NOJS bots 25th of May, 2019
Participates in Blue Empire spawn takeover event 3rd of June, 2019
Purchases Minibots 4th of June, 2019
Minibot leak (sorry dimden) 12th-14th of July, 2019
Purchases OWOP Clock bot 18th of July, 2019
Purchases botprotectdlc.js :wat: 23rd of July, 2019
Starts using OPM 2 6th of August, 2019
Purchases Minibots with proxies :illegal: 14th of October, 2019
Purchases OWOP Stopwatch bot 11th of November, 2019
Purchases Proxy maker script for Minibots 16th of December, 2019
Creation of this article 5th of June, 2020
Latest edit of this article 7th of July, 2020
Becomes Moderator on OWOP Soon™️


NoNameLmao owns his own world, and it is located at owop.me/nonamelmao. He has mod perks here, and usually pastes some stuff/art needed for later stuff, also pasting roads to edit them (As programs like paint.net aren't as confortable to use in these situations)

NoNameLmao also owns a country on Countrysim called Malaya zemlya, named after a part of his city, Novorossiysk.

Fun fact: Over time from him joining OWOP for the first time to this day his grammar improved a lot because of how active he was in the community.

Fun fact №2: NoNameLmao made this article and will be editing it in the future.

Youtube channel[]

NoNameLmao's youtube channel was created on July 17th, 2018, and is mainly OWOP based right now, there are some Minecraft videos as well though.

The future plans:[]

The future of the channel is planned to be mainly Minecraft trolling/survival, sometimes OWOP, maybe rarely other games.

Discord servers[]

As of the moment of editing this article, NoNameLmao is in 50+ discord servers, he has (most likely had) 4 of his own servers, with first getting about 10 members, but it getting inactive quickly and then being deleted, second one was even worse and was deleted the next day. Out of 4, right now he owns 2 of them. One has members but inactive. Second is private and only used to test bots.

Future articles planned to make/edit[]

Planned to do: Blue Empire spawn takeover of 03.06.2019, dimden.plex (discord server) (mentioned in this article), Road, Malaya zemlya (Countrysim) (mentioned in this article)