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Moderators are OWOP users who keep the game fair, make sure there's no users breaking the rules.

Moderators have different powers depending on what worlds they moderate. They are as follows:

  • A higher Pixel Quota
  • The ability to draw in Protected Areas
  • The ability to kick users
  • The ability to mute and unmute users
  • The ability to set another users rank
  • The ability to restrict drawing in that world to a password
  • The ability to protect and unprotect areas
  • Access to moderator tools

January 31 2019 demotion[]

All moderators were demoted. Since then, JPDLD (moderates the Discord server, makes rules) and Lamp (develops OWOP Bot II) were made moderators (formally), In September 2019, dimden (develops OWOP Bot III), Lulu and Anonygold were made moderators, In December 2019, Anonygold got demoted due to being exposed from Colonel and dimden.