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JP Land
JP land.png
The entrance of JP Land
Type Park
World Main
Coordinates (x: -110000; y: -107000)

JP Land is a park created by JPDLD.


JP Land consists of many printed drawings along with a few hand made pixel art model trains. The park is organized and divided into sections by roads. Like a city, some roads are small while others are large. The road size varies depending on the context of the art.

Some notable prints are a full view of the Earth and the International Space Station including many prints of video games and video game characters.

The Lost City[]

The Lost City is a region in JP Land that resembles a suburban region outside a metropolis. This region is filled with a few small houses made by some of the people of OWOP. To name a few, the houses of Izzy, Wip, VGS, Person, and many more are found here.