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  1. You can be banned for any reason by a global admin.
  2. If you get banned, appeal for an unban on official OWOP Discord. Invite
  3. Appeal before trying to evade the ban. Please.
  4. It is entirely admin's choice to either protect art on /main world or not.
  5. You can do anything you like so long as you're not being annoying to the community.
  6. Scripts and bots can are allowed to be used as long as you're not ruining fun for others/not being annoying to the community/not griefing/following the rules.
  7. Do not be abusive.
  8. Do not draw hateful or offensive things.
  9. Any art on the main page can be removed or unprotected without notice.
  10. You have the ability to moderate a private world, just appeal for it to an admin.
  11. Private worlds are to be moderated by the local moderator. But if moderator rank is used for completly other stuff than moderating the world (For example: causing lag by pasting large images and with over one user at a time) you can be demoted from local moderator.

Admins are the developers of this website so please be considerate.

Many of the annoying security measures have been put in place because of robot attacks, raids and abuse. If you can moderate yourself then we can do our job and make this place amazing for everyone!