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DrRing started in Owop roughly around the Fall of 2017. He liked the freedom Owop offered him, often griefing. However, after making some friends with some artists, ones he had previously griefed, he began making art instead. DrRing quickly found out that making art on Owop main was a terrible idea, but he still continued to make art. Some places his art may still be seen is the Night Kingdom and the People's Republic of Owop or PRO. DrRing stayed on Owop main for some time, befriending Helper or Seb, Person, Izzy, Darkstalker, and others. After befriending Izzy, she invited DrRing to Countrysim, a country simulator on Owop.

DrRing join Countrysim in late December of 2017, very soon after its creation. At this time, the map was still limited to one land mass mostly, and the background was white. The countries included, Karkaton, Krakatoa, Orangelicious, Red Republic, Relient, Norway, and a few others. DrRing created his very own country on Orangelicious's northern border, so he could be neighbors to Izzy. DrRing named his purple country Gloomyland. DrRing grew Gloomyland, creating and expanding to a new continent to the north. Eventually, DrRing even add New Gloom, which was far east. At this time, Gloomyland was perhaps the 2nd or 3rd largest country on Countrysim.

DrRing went inactive from Countrysim and Owop during the middle of 2018, from the end of spring to the beginning of fall. He came back to Countrysim roughly around September of 2018, when he laid eyes on a new Countrysim. By this time, DrRing didn't play on any Owop servers other than Countrysim. The admin of Countrysim at this time was TrigoTree or Furry. DrRing quickly befriended him. Upon seeing Gloomyland completely gone, taken by VGS's new country, Trigotree offered DrRing land to his east. DrRing formed the Holy Gloom Empire there, or HGE. Inspired by OwO Land, DrRing added some art to HGE. DrRing created more countries. In order: Magicaest, Atlantia, and Kingsland. These were alt countries only used to display an alternate style for countries. The Nigbor Clan was then founded by Trigotree and DrRing. King, Win of Glass, and Izzy became members as well.

DrRing became admin in the fall of 2019. He had run for moderator earlier, but had lost. He was now the 2nd highest member in the Countrysim community, only beaten by Calc. On October 22 of 2019, Calc banned almost everyone from the Countrysim discord server. It was devastating, but the community pulled through. A new discord server was created, and the active community helped to recreate the old one. Eldit, an admin of Owop, was decided to be the owner of the discord server. That way, another calc incident could never happen again to the same degree. With this new server, DrRing was placed as admin. DrRing was now the highest ranking staff on Countrysim. New mods were elected, and H or Cunk, was elected as another admin. DrRing was given the role, Head admin.

DrRing went largely inactive after a semi-strong start to his adminship. DrRing would come on weekly at best during the winter of 2019-2020. 2657 was elected as an admin, then later promoted to a second head admin. Countrysim was losing many of its members, Trigotree, Flawed, and Wolfi, just to name a few. The Nigbor Clan was disbanded around this time.

In May of 2020, Countrysim became active again, many members started coming back, and DrRing became active. He held competitions and made new countries, including Dark Gloom and Queensland. He was then initiated into Nizza Gang.

In summary, DrRing is an OG Countrysim player who eventually threw himself into politics and ended up as Head Admin. He takes his duty very seriously. He is also the proud owner of HGE, Magicaest, Atlantia, Kingsland, Dark Gloom, and Queensland.

Things to be remembered for, or his legacy: His once infamous alliance, the Nigbor Clan, as well as being the current Head admin of Countrysim and the contests he holds.