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dimden is an admin of Our World of Pixels that joined OWOP at October 12th, 2018. Owns 2nd by popularity OWOP-related Discord Server "dimden.plex".[1] Also runs opm, the script manager for Our World of Pixels.[2] Admin of Countrysim.

Event Date Days since joining OWOP Days since previous event
Joins OWOP October 12th, 2018
Gets Scripter role March 20th, 2019 160 days 160 days
Becomes Moderator September 20th, 2019 344 days 185 days
Becomes Admin April 13th, 2020 550 days 207 days


dimden started playing OWOP as normal pIayer, but then started creating DOP (Dimden's OWOP Pack) script that eventually would became very popular later.

Created Discord server for OWOP Scripts that was later merged to 1 big server "dimden.plex".

Then created OPM1 that was bundled to DOP and had pre-loaded scripts in it.[yt] There was 3 versions of OPM1: Chat, Console and GUI (created by Anonygold).

Was getting banned a lot by DayDun for sharing DOP and was evading but then got unbanned for deleting DOP.

DayDun announcing about DOP.png

After unban started creating CrimsonClientV1, script with a lot of features and created CrimsonHub Discord (archived and merged to dimden.plex).

CrimsonClientV1 screenshot

After DayDun resigned quickly got Scripter role in OWOP Discord Server (March 20th, 2019).

Was creating a lot of proxy bots.



Created faction called "Future Force" using bots that was biggest at that time, but got cleared later.

Created OJS (owop.js), the node.js library for bots, which got replaced with OJS2 later.[3]

Created ClockOWOP, CHIP-8 OWOP (Pong), and lot of tools.

On August 6th, 2019 opm2 was released (created by dimden and DayDun) and still being most popular OWOP script.


Made a lot of scripts and uploaded them there.

After few month created CrimsonClientV2 that replaced old CrimsonClient.[4] [yt]



On September 20th, 2019 dimden became a Moderator.

Dimden gets mod.png

Quickly after that he created OWOP Bot III that replaced Lamps OWOP Bot II on main world, but Lamps bot is still being used on other worlds.

New OWOP Bot got new features and finally added normal muting to OWOP.

On February 27th, 2019 dimden made a poll for adding Antibot to OWOP and it ended with 16 votes for yes and 9 votes for no.

On March 13th, antibot was added, and that caused some bot players to leave OWOP.


On April 13th, 2020 dimden became an Admin and made OWOP Bot IV that got a lot of new features and used all admin permissions.

Dimden gets admin.png

Fun fact: PONG game was launched in OWOP after a more than year since it's original creation.