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Countrysim - is a world on OWOP where you control countries.

Current Countrysim logo

There are many other sim websites, like Planetsim and Worldsim. Countrysim started out as an idea on the main somewhere about late December of 2017. That went as well as you'd expect. Griefers came, 1 hour after the idea was brought up on the main, therefore those involved in the idea fled to the Server named Countrysim (which combines Country and Simulator). Moderator powers were nullified, but you'd still be able to see admin powers in use when it occurs. Currently, moderator powers work, and there are 2 server mods.

Countrysim started out small, but grew over time. A password was set on the world, but it was later changed. A small roleplay got spawned from this world, and its still ongoing to this day somewhere. Eventually TrigoTree and Turtle Man became server mods and changed the key and rules. TrigoTree resigned as owner and Turtle Man took over as owner. Then after some time, Turtle man decided to resign, and Calc became the owner, with DrRing as an "Admin" of Countrysim. (via mod powers.) Calc then made Quarrelsomeepiness an admin (without voting). After some time, Quarrelsomeepiness was demoted to moderator.

Countrysim Discord destruction[]

Around October of 2019, Calc began banning a large amount of people. Numbers greater than any admins before him. Many of the people banned thought found their punishments to be completely unfair and would often appeal to DrRing, the other admin at the time. DrRing would usually revoke these bans, agreeing that they were unfair and uncalled for. Much of the community was fed up with Calc, they were complaining to and about him all the time. On October 22, Calc banned a large percentage of the people on the discord server including everyone in the active player base. Only a few alt accounts and inactive accounts were left as well as Calc.