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Commands are special chat messages starting with a slash character, used to perform certain actions.

List of Commands[]


plain text indicates a literal text. Should be written as shown.

italics indicates a variable value. Can be replaced with a custom value.

<angle brackets> indicates a required argument.

[square brackets] indicates an optional argument.

a|b indicates that either a or b can be used.

Command Privilege requirement Description
/help User Shows a list of all commands available to you.
/nick [nickname] User Changes your nickname. If no argument is given, your nickname is cleared.
/tell <id> <message> User Send a private message to a specified player.
/pass <password> User Unlock the ability to draw on a world which is locked with a world password.
/modlogin <password> User Allows a user to log in as a moderator. (No longer applicable, /pass has the same functionality.)
/adminlogin <password> User Allows a user to log in as an admin. (No longer applicable, /pass has the same functionality.)
/tp <id>

/tp <x> <y>

/tp <id> <x> <y>

Moderator Teleport yourself to a player.

Teleport yourself to a position.

Teleport a specified player to a position.

/kickip <ip> Admin Kick all connections from a specific Internet Protocol address.
/banip <ip> <minutes> Admin Ban an IP address for a set amount of minutes. If the duration of the ban is set to -1, the ban will be permanent.
/bans list

/bans add <ip> <unix time>

/bans remove <ip>

/bans clear

Admin List all bans.

Add a ban.

Remove a ban.

Remove all bans.

/setworldpass <password>|remove Moderator

Sets the password for the world. Without it, a user cannot edit the world. Use "remove" (without the quotes) to remove it.
/mute <id> 1|0 Moderator Prevents a user from speaking in chat. use 1 or 0 to enable or disable respectively.
/setrank <id> <rank> Moderator Sets a users rank. (0:none, 1:user, 2:moderator, 3:admin). There are 2 rules to this command;

1. You cannot change a equal or higher users rank. 2. You cannot set a users rank to one equal or higher than yours.

/whois <id> Moderator Gets info on a user.
/stealth Admin Enter ninja mode.
/restrict 1|0 Moderator Enable or disable users editing the world.
/getid <nick> Moderator Get a users id based on their nick. Probably useless because of HTML nicks or invisible characters.
/kick <id> Moderator Kick a user from the world.
/ids Moderator Lists users and their ids
/kickall Admin Self explanatory. Kicks all users other than admins and moderators.
/doas <id> <command> [attributes] Admin Runs a command as another user.
/whitelist Admin
/blacklist Admin
/lock Admin
/save Admin
/setprop Admin
/getprop Admin
/reload Admin
/lockdown Admin
/bansuspicious Admin
/worlds Admin
/setpbucket Admin
/broadcast Admin
/totalonline Admin
/tellraw Admin
/sayraw Admin