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The Calculator displaying the number 42.
Type Device
World Main
Coordinates (x: 288; y: -288)

The Calculator, created by DayDun was a Device located at (x: 288; y: -288). The calculator could perform simple arithmetic operations, in order to use a button you simply drew on it and the bot would detect the keystroke. The calculator wasn't protected but it did repair itself with a bot. DayDun also published the original source code onto pastebin.


The calculator was previously positioned at other locations around spawn and moved around a couple of times before settling at it's current location. Since DayDun left, Calculator was abandoned.

Easter Eggs[]

  • Division by 0 resulted in 42. A reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Evaluating 9 + 10 resulted in 21. A reference to an old vine.
  • Evaluating 2 + 2 resulted in 4 - 1. A reference to Quick Maths.
  • Evaluating 666 (pressing = while only the number 666 is displayed) repeatedly resulted in a hell vortex summoning. Entering it would teleport you to (x: 666666; y: 666666).